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This directory contains some Enif configuration I wrote which may be useful to other Enif users. All configurations are provided "as is" and without explicit or implicit warranty of any kind.
aggdeslin.e2p (Oct 29 11:43, 15 kbytes)
Proof-of-concept implementation of an Enif plot which aggregates a matrix expression by zone groups and displays the result as group-to-group desire lines. Untested!

aggdeslinxy.e2p (Nov 3 21:47, 16 kbytes)
(Version 1.5) A variant of the original aggdeslin.e2p configuration to display aggregated matrix expressions and displays them on a group-to-group basis. While the original version used a simple first/last mechanism to define the zone used to represent the group, this version automatically finds the zone which is closest to the center of gravity of the group (defined by the average X/Y coordinates of all its zones). Untested!

chimney2.e2p (Jun 11 17:12, 20 kbytes)
Variant of the general configuration "Matrices by origin and/or destination (chimneys)" which automatically computes the productions and attractions of a matrix expression and corresponding origin and destination selectors. For this purpose, the local configurable attributes Productions and Attractions were added and linked to a new configurable control mapper.

intersectiontv.e2p (May 16 2002, 32 kbytes)
A modified version of the generic configuration Auto volumes on intersections (genconf/intersection.e2p) which allows to display the turning volumes numerically. It's just a proof of concept that it can be done - the details have not been worked out in detail yet. This configuration needs Enif version or higher.

intersectiontvl.e2p (May 21 2002, 32 kbytes)
Same as intersectiontv.e2p, but modified for left hand traffic. This configuration should not really be needed - intersectiontv.e2p should eventually be able to detect right or left hand traffic automatically and handle bothe cases correctly.

isochronvi.e2p (Jun 21 2002, 10 kbytes)
Quick and dirty modification of genconf/isochron.e2p which abuses the (unused) "Decimals" field as variable coloring interval and shows a coloring legend.

linestops.e2l (Mar 18 2004, 2309 bytes)
Example transit line list in which the sequence of transit stops appears in a single collumn.

matlist.e2p (Sep 17 2002, 10 kbytes)
Crude attempt to generate a simple matrix list as a plot generation - is still very limited and incomplete.

punchmatrix.e2l (May 13 14:04, 3785 bytes)
Example network list configuration which allows punching a full matrix to an ASCII file from whithin Enif. Each row of the list contains a matrix row using an EMME/2 like format (orig dest:val dest:val ...). The list is actually implemented as a origin list, where the destination values for each row are aggregated into a local configurable attribute. The matrix to be "punched" has to be defined in the expression of the local configurable attribute "punchmatrix", which can be done via the list menu ("Options"/"Edit configurable attributes") when in confiration mode. This is just meant as a proof of concept and not for production use. Especially for very large matrices it will probably be too inefficient/slow.

vehkms.e2p (Sep 21 2002, 8112 bytes)
Configuration that computes and displays the vehicle kilometers by volume-delay function. It's meant as an example showing how to use get/put stack in configurable attributes to compute histogram values, store them in a parameter and display them in a plot. This is just to show idea, it's not worked out at all as to the screen appearance!

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