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Aegerten, May 1989

It has been a long time since you received the last issue of EMME/2 NEWS. Too long, you might say - and I agree entirely with you! We shall try hard to keep a more regular schedule from now on. Anyway, as you can see from this issue, we were not sleeping during all this time. We all worked very hard to make Release 4.0 another major milestone in the history of EMME/2.

In this issue of EMME/2 NEWS, we introduce you to the main new features and enhancements found in Release 4.0. We tried to keep the texts on a more general level, leaving the details to the release notes and the new edition of the User's Manual, which will be distributed along with the new release of the software.

Now to the matters regarding directly the EMME/2 Support Center: Please note the FAX number which is given below. Our FAX has only been in operation since a few months now and has already become an invaluable tool for our support activities. Also, please note that the EMME/2 Support Center will be closed from July 17 to August 5. For urgent matters during this period, please contact INRO directly.

Have a nice and sunny summer!

Heinz Spiess, Editor
EMME/2 Support Center
Haldenstrasse 16
CH-2558 Aegerten
tel: (41) 32 53 20 57
fax: (41) 32 53 57 86

Montreal, May 1989

This issue of EMME/2 NEWS is dedicated entirely to a description of the new additions to Release 4.0 of the EMME/2 software package. I am sure that many of you will find in this release the implementation of suggestions that have been transmitted to us in the past. We continue our policy of being responsive to users' requests and more.

While EMME/2 is being enhanced continuously, it is worth-while to note that the number of EMME/2 installations is growing steadily, reaching now nearly 160 in 20 countries, including the first installations in the U.K. and Japan. As the number of EMME/2 installations and users is growing, the need to maintain contact is just as important as before. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever the need arises.

We hope to see most of you at the next EMME/2 Users' Meeting in Chicago.

Michael Florian, President
INRO Consultants, Inc.
4950 Queen Mary Rd. #100
Montreal, Que H3W 1X3
Tel (514) 738-8336
Fax (514) 738-8679

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