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A Tutorial on the
EMME/2 Macro Language

Heinz Spiess, EMME/2 Support Center

September 1996


One of the most powerful features of the EMME/2 transportation planning system is its macro language. Macros are not only an ideal tool for the automation of complex or repetitive tasks, but, if used judiciously, may also be an invaluable help when it comes to the standardization, documentation and transferability of a once developed procedure.

While, even for a novice EMME/2 user, it is quite easy to write and use simple ``save and recall'' type macros, mastering the macro language down to its most intricate details is an art that distinguishes the expert user.

This tutorial is aimed at those EMME/2 users that have already some experience with macro writing, but would like to improve their skills and learn more about some of the advanced possibilities the macro language offers. The text is not intended to replace the standard documentation, rather it aims to complement it, by providing more detailed explanations and explicit examples on some selected topics.

This text was initially written as course notes for the two-day course on advanced EMME/2 macro writing, organized by INRO Consultants Inc. in Montreal, December 8 & 9, 1993. The current version contains adaptations to cover new features of the macro language which are included in EMME/2 Release 8.


After having used this tutorial at several occasions as course notes for a 2-day course on ``Advanced EMME/2 Macro Programming'', I have now decided to make it available to all EMME/2 users by posting it on my Web site. This way, all EMME/2 users that are interested in improving their macro writing skills can use this material for self-study and can test their knowledge of the EMME/2 macro language by solving the exercises at the end of each section.

Note that this material is only made available for the purpose of the individual use by interested EMME/2 users. Thus, unless you have obtained my explicit prior permission, you are not allowed to redistribute this tutorial (but it's okay to pass a copy to a friend), nor to use it or parts of it when teaching EMME/2 courses to other EMME/2 users.

This tutorial is also available in PostScript format.


Copyright ©1993 - 1996. Heinz Spiess, Aegerten, Switzerland. All rights reserved.

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Heinz Spiess, EMME/2 Support Center
Fri Sep 27 13:04:28 MET DST 1996