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This directory contains PostScript files of some EMME/2 related papers. These files are compressed with the Gnu GZIP utility. If you do not already have access to the GZIP/GUNZIP utilities, you must first download them from somewhere (e.g. from here).
senc.pdf (Jun 16 12:25, 434 kbytes)
SEnC - A Sequential Enif Client
(also available as HTML Version) Based on SEnC version 3.5!

demadj.pdf (Jun 7 15:45, 179 kbytes)
Demand Adjustment Using the Gradient Method
(also available as HTML Version)

mactut.pdf (Jun 7 15:05, 323 kbytes)

parkcap.pdf (Jun 7 14:57, 176 kbytes)
A Logit Parking Choice Model with Explicit Capacities
First draft! (also available as HTML Version)

congtras.pdf (Jun 7 14:56, 108 kbytes)
Transit Equilibrium Assignment Based on Optimal Strategies: An Implementation in EMME/2
(also available as HTML Version)

hourly.pdf (Jun 7 14:53, 166 kbytes)
Modelling the Daily Traffic Flows on an Hourly Basis
(also available as HTML Version)

conic.pdf (Jun 7 14:53, 147 kbytes)
Conical Volume-Delay Functions
(also available as HTML Version)
Two new appendices were added in August 1997 regarding marginal cost functions and efficient EMME/2 coding of conical functions.

spimup.pdf (Jun 7 14:53, 182 kbytes)
Biproportional Matrix Balancing with Upper Bounds
(also available as HTML Version)

tchain.pdf (Jun 7 14:53, 122 kbytes)
Computing Activity Chain Based Trip Distribution Models
Revised Nov 1996 (also available as HTML Version)

enifpaper.pdf (Mar 26 2001, 8389 kbytes)
Enif - Toward a New Interface for EMME/2
(also available as HTML Version) (Aug 5 1997, 290 kbytes) (Jun 4 1997, 68 kbytes) (Apr 7 1997, 77 kbytes)
A Tutorial on the EMME/2 Macro Language
(also available as HTML Version) (Nov 12 1996, 37 kbytes) (Nov 12 1996, 37 kbytes) (Sep 24 1996, 59 kbytes) (Mar 13 1996, 43 kbytes) (Mar 13 1996, 48 kbytes)

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